Turn of the Century Merlin AU

As the 19th Century comes to a close, a poor young Welshman called Merlin comes to London to earn a living. When he ends up serving in the household of the wealthy Pendragon family, he sees a decadent world he has never been exposed to before and meets heir and playboy Arthur Pendragon.


Broad City, created by UCB alums Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer and produced by Amy Poehler, is an odd-couple comedy about two best friends navigating their twenties in New York City. Wednesdays at 10:30/9:30c on Comedy Central

1x01 What a Wonderful World
1x02 Pu$$y Weed
1x03 Working Girls
1x04 The Lockout
1x05 Fattest Asses
1x06 Stolen Phone

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this is the greatest breaking bad video ever and it’s not even 10 seconds long

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"dark lipstick makes you look intimidating"

good. stay the hell away from me.

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you’ll always have a soft spot for the first female actress to make you question your sexuality

Title: Blue Skies
Artist: Noah and the Whale
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Title: Icarus
Artist: Bastille
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Bastille - Icarus

Icarus is flying too close to the sun
Icarus’s life, it has only just begun
This is how it feels to take a fall
Icarus is flying towards an early grave

So, there’s this girl. She’s tragically orphaned and richer than anyone on the planet. Every guy she meets falls in love with her, but in between torrid romances she rejects them all because she dedicated to what is Pure and Good. She has genius level intellect, Olympic-athelete level athletic ability and incredible good looks. She is consumed by terrible angst, but this only makes guys want her more. She has no superhuman abilities, yet she is more competent than her superhuman friends and defeats superhumans with ease. She has unshakably loyal friends and allies, despite the fact she treats them pretty badly. They fear and respect her, and defer to her orders. Everyone is obsessed with her, even her enemies are attracted to her. She can plan ahead for anything and she’s generally right with any conclusion she makes. People who defy her are inevitably wrong.

God, what a Mary Sue.

I just described Batman. (via twerkinshield)

Title: 5 Lolitas
Artist: Lana Del Rey
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Lana Del Rey - 5 Lolitas (What happens when you layer all four demos and the album version)

This is so sick.

This sounds like it should be a Bond song.

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Title: I Had Me A Girl
Artist: The Civil Wars
Played: 6039 times

I had me a girl like cigarette smoke
She came and she went

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Title: Let It Go vs. Call Me Maybe (Demi Lovato vs. Carly Rae Jepsen)
Artist: Chambaland
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If “Let It Go” is stuck in your head it is because it is actually “Call Me Maybe.”



WTF. Mind = blown

This is now my jam

thx for transforming this song into a summer jam

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Is it just me or you don’t really realise how drunk you are until you are in a bathroom alone???


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